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March 6 th, 2012
My name is Donna Murray Hines and I've been a reborn doll artist for seven years.  I live in Alabama as you may have guessed from my Doll business name "Bama Babies"!  You can find me on ebay under the seller name BamaBabies for more information.  I have always had an interest in art for as long as I can remember!  As explained on my home page,  I have decided to do something good in my son's memory.  So every baby doll I sell now, the proceeds will go to charity.  Please check the link on the homepage to learn more information on the orphanage in Guatemala, where I will be donating.  So far I have donated a surgical repair for one child with cleft palate thru Operation Smile and plan to do more.
And I occasionally am donating dolls to Alzheimer's patients, as it is good therapy.
I do plan to sell some of my babies on ebay so that bids can be made.  I will send out an email with details on each new baby available.  If you haven't already, please email me at and ask to join my email list.  Or even better find me on Facebook by searching Donna Murray Hines.
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Reborn dolls are meant for the adult doll collector.  And will be a heirloom for generations if taken care of properly.  If you do choose to purchase a reborn doll for a child, I would suggest it be an older child, and either a bald or baby with painted hair.  The expensive mohair will not hold up to play.  Keep in mind some babies have strong magnets inside the head, to hold magnetic hair bows and pacifiers.  I also sometimes on occasion, put magnets in the hand to hold a magnetic toy (of older bigger reborn babies).  Magnets can be dangerous around people with pace makers and electronics.  They can be removed upon request from the head.
I use only the very best products in each one of my babies.  I use Premium Angora Mohair from Delta Dawn for my rooted hair babies.  It is sealed from the inside so you can gently wet and comb the hair to style.   I use Genesis Heat set paints, heat set between each layer.  I also seal the paint with Genesis Matte sealer.  I give babies different complections based on the "age" the baby appears, such as skin mottling, blotching, etc.  I do veining and blue undertones where the skin would appear translucent such at wrists, inside ankles, temples, above eyebrows, and depending on the baby, other places as well.  Babies with closed eyes have rooted eyelashes, and babies with open eyes usually have hand applied lashes.  Very young babies, preemies or very newborn may not have lashes at all, as sometimes they are born without them.  I use quality doe suede bodies, stuffed and weighted to feel like a real baby.  I use fine glass beads to fill limbs which I then seal.  I use triple layered new nylons to hold the beads for the head and body, and also use premium polyfill, sometimes "baby fat" soft squishy pellets also in nylon.  Each baby is scented to smell like a real baby from within the body.  It takes hours and hours to complete a reborn baby!  All babies come with new clothing, baby blanket, magnetic pacifier (unless otherwise stated),  some will come with magnetic hairbows, clip hairbows, headbands, hats, etc.  Babies with hair will have a brush/comb set and a spritzer of "Silken Child" hair care leave in conditioner. 

Prices range from painted hair babies $200-400 depending on the kit (they all have different price ranges).  Babies with rooted hair range from $300-600+ again depending on the kit, if it is sold out or limited editions.  Thanks for visiting my site.

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