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 Do all the good you can,
By all the means you can,
In all the ways you can,
In all the places you can,
At all the times you can,
To all the people you can,
As long as ever you can.
  - John Wesley 'Letters of John Wesley"

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This is Lizzie Hamm (above and below).  Her daughter DeLoris Rogers kindly took pictures for me with her baby that she named "Angel". :0)  See more pics of Lizzie & Angel on my Gallery page!
Please take the time to watch this will be glad you did! And be sure to watch part 2 her update!  This is my fav. of the Operation smile videos

I am also donating to Operation Smile.  This year proceeds from my dolls went to repair one child's cleft palate.  I hope to do this three times per year.  Please consider donating to (clicking the link will open a new window and will not take you away from this site)

Home Page

Welcome to my website.  Since the sudden death of my son Chance on Nov. 30th, 2011, I have decided to dedicate this site in memory of Chance and donate 100% of proceeds from my doll sales and auctions,  to  an orphanage for girls,(Click on the following link for information)  Santo Domingo in Guatelmala, Chance's uncle Greg's blog and information about the orphange, which he visits and supports multiple times per year.

My first $600 I donated to the orphanage for a TV, that Greg went and purchased, really made me
very happy, and he forwarded me a thank you email from them....I copied and pasted it below the photos.
The first photo is the new TV.  
Thank you Greg for letting me use your photos!

Below is the girls enjoying the new TV!

Below is the old TV they had. (Greg is sitting to the left)

Below is the thank you email  

Hola Donna,

Mi nombre es Eva, en nombre de todas las chicas del Hogar de niñas Santo Domingo en Guatemala queremos agradecer la gran labor social que usted realiza para traer alegria a este lugar. Todas las chicas estan muy felices con el regalo que recibieron de usted.

Y estamos orando por usted, por su familia y para que todo lo que haga sea de bendicion!

Esperamos que un dia pueda visitarnos aqui para poder ver las sonrisas que trae con su linda labor!

Muchos abrazos y buenos deseos de todas las chicas!



Hello Donna,
My name is Eva and in the name of all the girls at the orphanage of Santo Domingo in Guatemala we want to thank you for the great social work that you performed to bring joy to this place.

All of the girls are very happy with the gift they received from you and we are praying for you, your family and hope everything you do will be a blessing.

We hope that one day you can visit us here so that you can see the smiles that your nice work brings to the girls. Lots of hugs and good wishes from all of the girls!


My second donation of $1,000 (March 2013) went to buy food for the orphanage, which Greg shopped for when he visited recently.
Below is a photo of Greg delivering the food:

I am also makeing some dolls with painted hair to  donate to Alzheimer's patient's as it has been shown to be good therapy. 

My husband, Shawn and I also are donating two annual scholarships $1,000 each to a student at our local high school (Tharptown High School, in Franklin County AL)
The scholarships are called the "Giving-Chances" scholarships.  Below is the first annual (2012) students awarded the scholarships:
Ashley Creasy and Joseph LouAllen

Below is the second annual recipients (May 2013)
Logan Tverberg and Mariah Hodge.

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when a new doll is for sale.  Thank you to everyone who
has purchased a doll from me!  
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